• After School SPORTS Academy


THE AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS ACADEMY, INC.  strives to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment that gives families peace of mind when they cannot be there themselves during the critical hours of 3pm to 6pm for school age children ages 5 to 12. 


All children need a safe place to be after school with caring, responsible adults and engaging activities that connect each child to his/her school, family and community.  The After School Sports Academy  places great emphasis on healthy living and embraces nutrition and exercise within the character based curriculum.


  • What we do is important, but how it effects your child is of even greater importance.
  • Engaging activities that hold your child's attention inspires them to want to learn more and helps them develop values, build skills and solidify peer and adult relationships.
  • All children have equal rights to be accepted, respected and valued by others. Children are viewed as individuals to be developed, not problems to be solved.
  • We believe that Children should be involved in decision-making and program design. If children get to choose how, when, in what and with whom to be engaged, they are far more likely to enjoy themselves and behave cooperatively.
  • Everyone is a learner. When we listen for understanding everyone learns—children and adults.


Darchelle Exum

Safety is our number one priority at the academy. We know this is a high priority for you too! As the Executive Director of ASSA I come with a full skill set of over 10 years in child care and child management. Many of our children come from economically-underprivileged neighborhoods. It has been documented that youth and teens not participating in after school programs are three times more likely to skip classes, or participate in juvenile crimes, experiment with drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and sex during those critical hours of 3 p.m. and 6p.m.– but the ASSA provides the positive alternatives they need.

Many parents have to work and there is great concern with what they should do with their children between school dismissal and bedtime hours? Safety is a major concern. Of course, there is homework to complete but who is home to guide them? And after homework – what then? We know that children involved in after school programs are more likely to stay in school, less likely to commit juvenile crimes, show improvement in grades, have higher school attendance rates, like school more, feel safer, and demonstrate positive behavior changes.